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Video Marketing

Why Use Youtube for Your Video Marketing?


We have discovered that You Tube is the strongest and fastest way to get your videos seen which means marketing your business more effectively it’s the best video distribution platform in the world.


  • ….unlike rival sites like blip.tv and Vimeo, Youtube does not charge monthly subscription  Instead the advanced options are freely given to the Partners to help them build their brands on Youtube. This is because Youtube is owned by Google, and the ads which play on Youtube are placed by Google.



  • …unlike Vimeo and Blip.tv, Youtube completely dominates the video streaming market. Youtube simply has more users than any of the other services combined.  Millions of people use the other services, but hundreds of millions use Youtube.



Allot of businesses really miss the boat on this one YouTube and Video Marketing is an extremely cost effective way to market your business. Don’t take our word for it  just look at thesee absolutely staggering statistics in the info graphic below for yourself and then give us a call.

We can handle everything for you from the actual production of your video to design and narration then getting it up live,active and seen by tons of people both locally or nationally every day.

Even if you have an old or new commercial and your not sure how it can really help you call us and we show you the endless possibilities.

Call us today and one of our business coaches will help you design a package that fits in your budget and works best for you.


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