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Reputation Management

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Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a fundamental part of any successful business and incorporates a vast amount of different ideas, processes and functions to achieve the best results.

In essence, Reputation Management is an extremely POSITIVE advantage for both Online and Offline content such as Public Relations, Brand Management, Website Content Control and Web2.0. for all types of businesses.

In today’s modern environment the internet is an open media, web 2.0 has enabled internet users to write blogs, comment and rate products and services, participate in various online forums and express their views freely. And whilst the feedback and content is positive, as a business owners need to be extremely selective of how their reputation is viewed.

Please watch this video from 20/20 investigation of the Better Business Bureau 

We want to warn you the truth is very hard to take

You will see that businesses are practically forced to

Become a member of the Better Business Bureau or get an F rating.

Yelp has also been accused of these same tactics.

The only way to fight back is have your business become it’s own authority

with your very own review site.

Yelp.com seems to be an honest and true review page

where people can go to get honest opinions of small business and restaurants.

HOWEVER, this is not the case. Yelp removes positive reviews from any given companies

Yelp review page unless that company pays Yelp several hundred dollars a month.

Leaving only negative reviews to be seen on that companies main review page.

In turn causing an otherwise good company to seem unprofessional or low quality due to the fact that

ONLY negative reviews can be seen unless that company pays Yelp a hefty fee.

Often, a negative news story, critical article or poor review

can remove your site from the first pages of Google results.

There are many ways a negative item in the search results can occur. A bad news article, a disparaging blog post, or sites like ripoffreport.com who list unverified consumer complaint reports are a most common problem. These problems can originate with disgruntled former employees or competitors, just as easily as from customers. Negative listings can appear highly ranked in searches for your company name.

But it becomes a worst nightmare for an individual or a company when bad reviews and complaints posted on blogs, review sites and forums appear on first Page of Google for their most commonly associated brand names or keywords.
These will then of course affect sales as well as increase a little discomfort and anxiety among existing.
Client base



There are several different definitions for reverse SEO.

At The Mobile Business Network, we define it as: The process of minimizing the search engine visibility of a your typical review sites. For example, one competitor may create a negative blog post or business review for another company in a malicious attempt to hurt their business. Through reverse SEO, The Mobile Business Network will create a completely new website threw web properties that will outrank the negative content, forcing it lower in the sat will eventually drive all the review traffic to the site we create for you giving you full control to approve or deny the posting of that review and it when the process is complete your review site will appear #2 in the search engines immediately after your main website.  As rankings decrease, so does visibility and the overall impact it makes.

How to conduct a successful reverse SEO campaign?
– Know the depth of the problem you are currently facing.
– Push down the sites negatively publicizing you.
– Prevention is always better than cure.
•    – Negative online business reviews
•    – Negative blog content, web pages, mini-websites
•    – Crisis PR
•    – Personal public attacks, including social media
•    – Intentional, malicious activity between competitors
•    – Negative lawsuit outcomes, employees involved in criminal activities
•    – Bankruptcies, foreclosures or other financial matters
•    – Negative product reviews and recalls
•    – Other online content which may negatively impact business

A single negative review, blog post or other negative online content can result in high volumes of lost business, difficulty in finding talent, access to financial resources and much more.

With the ease of producing negative content and the autonomy behind the critic, online reputation is easily manipulated by malicious means.

We help level the playing field by minimizing the impact of negative reviews through a process called Reverse SEO.
•    – Many users research a company they intend to do business with especially Restaurants , Attorneys and service based businesses.

By using your company name as a keyword at Google.

If they easily find something that reflects poorly on your company, this will cost you dearly in customers and sales.

•    – Many people also use Google for navigation, entering your domain name or company name into a Google search instead of using the URL address bar. If there is a negative listing near the top, users who are not even intentionally researching may see a negative listing.

•    – When a searcher finds negative information, very rarely will they contact you to hear your side of the story. Instead, they contact your competitor.

•    – Anyone can anonymously or falsely file a report or review or post something on a free account at a blog site, and say absolutely anything they want to say. Hey, it’s the internet.
Some say that reputation management techniques to remove negative search engine listings are an unethical or black-hat practice, but that is simply not the case with our approach. You cannot bribe Google to remove the link, you cannot threat/sue/request Google to remove the link which hurts you /your sentiments or your business.

It cannot be removed but pushed back to secondary pages; we can promote your positive results to remove bad results from Google. This will definitely help your sales as your almost all prospective customers will see more positive results instead bad reviews.

What we do is not hijacking or any kind of hacking, all we do is help multiple other good pages rank above the offending page, pushing the bad page over to page two or three where it’s less likely to be seen. This usually involves a combination of creating multiple new optimized pages of better content and working with existing pages of positive or neutral content, and increasing the rank of these pages using legitimate methods.

Smart people will tell you the best way to deal with negative press or postings is to head off problems before they get to that point. This can be accomplished by providing a fair deal, proactive customer service, and credits or refunds when they are deserved. But that’s not always enough.
•    – Creation of 10 business profiles optimized for the target company or individual’s name.
•    – Creation of 2 blog accounts with content optimized for the target company or individual’s name.
•    – Creation of 1 mini-website with a unique/real domain name optimized for the target company or individual’s name.

•    – Launch of a social media and web 2.0 campaign to create 5 unique and optimized positive online references.
•    – Link building for relevant new and pre-existing online properties to boost search engine rankings.
•    – Reputation monitoring through the process and for a duration of three months.

For serious negative online attacks and more thorough reverse SEO solutions:

The Mobile Business Network offers an advanced reverse SEO solution.
•    – Creation of 15 business profiles optimized for the target company or individual’s name.
•    – Creation of 2 blog accounts with content optimized for the target company or individual’s name.
•    – Creation of 2 mini-websites with unique/real domain names optimized for the target company or individual’s name.

•    – Creation of a Google+ page and the addition of 5 Google+ business and individual reviews.
•    – Launch of a social media and web 2.0 campaign to create 10 unique and optimized positive online references.
•    – Link building for relevant new and pre-existing online properties to boost search engine rankings. Double the effort of the Standard service.

•    – Reputation monitoring through the process and for a duration of six months.
And so the POWER of Reverse Media – Online Reputation Management
We utilize various methods and techniques in a “trial and error” methodology to either completely remove the negative content from the search engines permanently OR push the negative content far down the ranks of the search engines out of view of web surfers.

In the first phase we look at the positive content that is already available on the top 30 to 50 ranks of the search engines and using our in-house IP software, drive massive traffic to the links pushing the content to the top pages of the search engines. At the same time our Public Relations team will generate huge amount of positive Press Releases, RSS News and Articles and using the same in-house software push the content up the ranks. This overwhelms the “weaker” negative content down the ranks and out of the view of the typical web surfer.

In the second phase, to overcome the “stronger” content such as Web2.0 content or strong back linked content such as forums, blogs etc, our Blogging and Social Networking team will create highly trafficked, highly threaded and positively occupied Blogs, Forums and Web2.0 such as

www.Facebook.com,www.Twitter.com, www.LinkedIn.com, www.Naymz.com and www.MySpace.com, all professional branded in your corporate image, which will overwhelm the “stronger” negatives that exist. We also create POSITIVE Yahoo and Wiki Answers with POSITIVE alias responders, they rank well. We manage and populate all the Social Media that we create and promote your business for as long as you want us to.

In the third phase we utilize two further techniques. The first is to develop totally unique and separate micro-sites promoting your brand in a new, original and positive image and then create all the content from phase one and two again for these new micro-sites. All content is of course used as an inbound linking tool to your main website and business. At this stage we also use our persuasive legal team to contact the administrators and creators of any remaining negatives and can normally have it removed permanently.
What more to say? We are using the top notch SMO ( Social Media Optimization ) & Content Distribution Services to manage your reputation online. Whenever we see a bad post we make a good post to outdo it, whenever we see a bad link we bury it.

What else you need? We are the Online Goodwill Guard for Your Business. We can manage your reputation effectively with our hard and smart work.

There is NO software shortcut to this technique and should your business or name be experiencing negative online or offline content.
Need to remove a negative listing, post or article from the top results?

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