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Custom Mobile Web Design

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Mobile users don’t stay long on small & local business sites

If they aren’t mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

August 16th, 2012




Small and local businesses need to grab mobile users while they can – they don’t stick around long on business sites.

Mobile users spend much more time browsing certain types of sites than others and visit the fewest pages on small and local business sites, so it is imperative for those businesses to optimize their content for mobile users, says a State of the Mobile Web Report.

Mobile users spend the most time on certain types of sites including government organizations, TV and publishers, where site page visits average well above ten pages per visit.

They visit the fewest pages on small or local business sites, at an average of three pages.

We create Full Custom built social media Mobile Sites!

Our Mobile Marketing Websites are completely customized to keep your brand in place when someone visits your regular or mobile website they will experience the same look feel and interaction and any changes that are done on your regular site automatically update on your mobile site so it save you the time of contacting us to update it.

Our custom mobile sites allow your customers to interact with FaceBook, Live Twitter Feeds ,Yelp reviews and You Tube Videos are all available on the front page of your mobile site for full social media interaction. Instead of having them search for all of your media and marketing tools its available directly on their mobile device. Which speaks volumes to your customers that you really appreciate their business and want to make their experience with your company as user friendly as possible.

 We create specifically designed mobile sites that convert mobile visitors to your web site into valued customers, enabling you to take full advantage of the EXPLOSION in mobile traffic and grow Your Business…Mobile Marketing is the future and it’s here NOW so it’s essential to mobilize Your Business TODAY!

Why You NEED a Mobile Marketing Site!

Every passing day see’s Local Mobile Searches growing faster than ever BUT what happens when someone visits your website from their SmartPhone after carrying out a local mobile search or from seeing any of your local offline advertising?

If you do have a mobilized version of you website where are the calls to action or contact details for your business located? Probably not where they need to be which is on the very FIRST PAGE THEY SEE!

People don’t want or need to zoom in and out, scroll up, down, left and right to get the information they’re looking for isn’t a good experience and its definitely NOT good for your business! If you haven’t got a mobilized version of your website then the cold hard truth is they will probably just give up and leave… or worse yet go to your competition.

If you think your website is mobile chances are you are dead wrong and everyday it costs your business $100’s if not possibly $1,000’s of dollars every single day you wait. Mobile is not some passing fad that will go away mobile is fastly becoming the only thing people search on to find anything. If anything your regular website is the equivalent to a VCR or cassette player its out dated no matter how nice it looks. And also don’t think for one minute you can talk to your current web designer help you even though they oh I can do that there is a 90% chance they will out source it to someone like us to avoid being embarrassed or they will try and do it themselves and you will just get a watered down version because the kind of mobile sites we create are true works of art and or highly sought after.


Unlimited Potential? We can create a full-blown Mobile Marketing Website or Multiple versions for those running more than one campaign. Including mobile shopping However, you don’t need to be actively running a mobile marketing campaign as our Mobile Marketing Websites are also the perfect ‘passive’ marketing tool… just have us design it for you and let it do the marketing for you.

Not sure if your website is mobile yet? No problem, please input your website address into the window below the smart phone and hit enter to see how your customers currently see your website please see some of our clients website designs we have done on this page as a reference.

We helped this client below

Two Stones Pub open their second location in under 9 months due in part to the website we built for them check out their testimonial letter to read what they had to say about why they chose our company and their experience so far

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Your Mobile Site Includes:

What makes our Mobile Marketing Website special is the ability to allow mobile web visitors to tap a link that dials YOUR phone number straight from your Mobile Website or submit their information to receive a discount. That is what we call Immediate Response.

This Package Includes:

  • Design Customization

  • Tap-to-Call function to your designated number

  • Easy navigation for potential leads

  • SmartPhone redirection added to your website

  • Setup and installation

Design options available also are:

 Image slider  

Custom photo gallery 

 FB integration     

YouTube integration

Live Twitter feed integration    

Yelp reputation management integration

 Open table integration for restaurants

 Custom restaurant menu  

Share info integration

Click to text

Custom contact form

RSS Feed Integration

A mobile shopping cart

And much more……


If you are serious about generating more leads, converting more sales and providing a cutting edge user experience that produces immediate response from mobile visitors to your website then our Full Mobile Marketing Websites are the perfect solution. When a potential client finds your website from a Local Mobile Search or enters your web address into their SmartPhone from seeing it advertised locally our custom redirect script detects they are using a SmartPhone and automatically sends them to your Mobile Marketing Website. Once your Mobile Marketing.


Call us at 1-877-267-4770

 One of our

Business coaches  will discuss your options ask about having us design a free custom mobile preview  just for your business.

Available to serious clients that are interested and ready to get started immediately.

Please note if  we custom design a site for you and you decide not to use our services then there will be a onetime $295.00 one time set up and design fee due immediately if you do however  decide to work with us than  this fee will be waived and applied towards your design package this is is only fair.

It takes our designers approximately 12-15 hours to design your site and set it up.

The other companies out there that do custom mobile web design

charge 5-10 times more than we do and are sub standard at best.

Available only to the first 500 businesses that contact us!

Receive 30% off of your package and 50% off of hosting for a year