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client sites

Below are of the work we have done for clients nationally

Please read the message below before you view our work thank you.

Believe it or not we don’t accept everyone we look for certain criteria no offense but there are enough companies out there that do what we do,but no where as good.

We aren’t just saying that, whoever we decide to work with

We have to believe our clients business, their morals and their integrity.

We look for business owners that are serious and are willing to take the time out of their busy schedule to either have a teleconference with us or preferably meet with one of our managers,coaches or reps and isn’t as focused on the cost even though we are extremely reasonable but they more interested in the result.

We also look for business owners that are willing to take our advise and learn. We don’t claim being an expert in your field and don’t expect you to be an expert in ours our goal is to work together the process is to educate and demonstrate. Not sell

We also only work with business that are ready to make a decision on the first meeting or no more than the 2nd meeting this is not meant as a pressure tactic or being hard up for your business actually quite the opposite.

We only want to work with business owners that value our time as much as we value theirs and understand the kind of work we do is going to bring them in 30-40% more business each day and seriously increase their bottom line each week .

Here is just some of the work we have done for client’s!

The Penthouse club Mobile re-design in PA

Screen Shot below.

Penthouse club philly mobile preview

4 Paws Dog Groomers in Maryland

Mobile re-design only screen shot below.

4paws mobile preview



 Fat Jacks multi location- In PA and NY

Mobile re-design and social integration

we are currently designing a

Reputation managemnt site for them as well including a mobile version

screen shot below.

Fat Jacks mobile preview

Fresh Works Mobile website re-design In PA

Screen shot below


Fresh works mobile preview

Millstream Gentlemans Club Mobile re-design-In MD

Screen shot below.

mill stream mobile preview

9-30-2015 More sites coming soon as we update our current client base!

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