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Our team has strong backgrounds in Marketing, Advertising, Promotions and Personal and Corporate Development. Our VP of Sales and Marketing, is a mobile marketing guru and works closely with every client to help insure their success. It would be our pleasure to put our combined, extensive, experience to work for you. CMS Global and its subsidiaries strive to give you the strongest results with an affordable investment. Our firm belief is, “don’t put your company on top of your employee’s, let your employee’s put your Company on Top”  


We are proud to say we have released our first book entitled

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 Engaging Customers:

Another aspect of managing your brand online is simply engaging your customers. This comes back to have a Facebook Page, setting up a Twitter account for your business and all the other things we’ve talked about. This lets you connect with your customers without any of the cost associated with traditional advertising. For example, if you have a Facebook Page where your customers can follow you, you can offer special promotions and other offers through it. A lot of people spend a great deal of their online time using Facebook, so you can reach a lot of people this way, with no advertising costs at all.

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